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Shalini and Ajith celebrates 20th wedding anniversary

Ajith and Shalini, one of the leading stars of Tamil Nadu, left the film after their marriage. They are often referred to as role models. Ajith is known as the head of the fans. Fans have come to wish Ajith and Shalini well. They are living life as freelancers without starships. While fans are not keen on fan associations, Ajith is strongly supported by fans. 

Fans also celebrate the birthday of the head, the wedding anniversary, Shalini’s birthday and the children’s birthday.It’s been 20 years since Ajith and Shalini got married. Shalini played the female lead in the movie. At that time rumors circulated that Shalini would marry Kunchacko Boban. Kunchacko Boban already knew about Ajith’s romance. Shalini got married when she was shining as a heroine. The actress stopped acting as usual and became a better child.

Shalini and Ajith starred together for the first time in the movie ‘Amarkalam’. The duo fell in love while filming the film. Shalini was accidentally wounded in the arm. The knife was in Ajith’s hand. Ajith was very worried about this incident. It was sad to see Shalini crying in pain. He also felt guilty for causing the injury. It was that guilt that later turned into love. Ajith was afraid to talk about love. Shalini went through a similar situation. The star also nodded in approval. Soon the relationship was getting into a marriage.

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