Shalini and Ajith celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary

Ajith and Shalini are the star couple who have a lot of fans in South India. Shalini is a star who came to the film world as a child star and became a heroine. The actor also left the film after marriage. Shalini is Malayalam’s favorite heroine even though she has done films as a heroine. Shalini herself has said that although she likes the movie, she likes Ajith more than that.

Now Shalini has shared a good news. Shalini shares the joy of completing 24 years of married life. Shalini has shared the wedding anniversary wishes for her beloved. Many people are wishing the stars a happy wedding anniversary. Fans are asking if it’s been so many years since they got married. Fans say seeing it is not feeling it and it is not believing it.



In 1999, the stars fell in love during the shooting of Amarkalam. She fell in love with Ajith when she was full of gossip with Kunchako . During the shoot, there was a shot of Ajith waving a knife at Shalini, the heroine. Meanwhile, Shalini’s hand was cut. Shalini didn’t care about the wound but Ajith was troubled by it. It was from that wound that their love started. Shalini herself has said about love that she understood the love and mercy of a man named Ajith during the healing time. Both of them got married on April 24, 2000 in Chennai. They have two children, Anoushka and Advik.