Shakeela’s eventful life story; Richa Chadha’s Shakeela trailer out

The Shakeela wave that swept across South India in the 1990s is one of the most significant in the history of Indian cinema. The trailer of the Bollywood movie ‘Shakeela’, which tells the life story of Shakeela, who came from an ordinary family and became an adult star who has gained fans all over South India, has been released. The film is set to hit theaters by Christmas. Bollywood actress Richa Chadha has performed as Shakeela.

Shakeela’s film is based on the real life and film career of actress Shakeela, who started acting in B grade movies at the age of 16. From the trailer, it can be seen that the film discusses the successes of Shakeela’s films despite the discrimination in South India. Directed by Indrajith Lankesh, the film stars Pankaj Tripathi, Rajeev Pillai, Sammy Nanwani and Sahil Nanwani. Indrajith talks to Shakeela directly about the events of her life in the film.


It is learned from the trailer that who influenced Shakeela’s entry into the film and the body dup controversy has been added to the film. Shakeela has already acted in over 250 films in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. The film is set to hit theaters by Christmas. 

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