Shajon’s reply to the questions, Where is Sahadevan? Is the eyewitness his person?


Sahadevan, the policeman on the scene, cannot be remembered without hatred. The character was so cruel to George and his family. But the success of the actor Kalabhavan Shajon is due to the hatred felt by the audience. Shajon played the role assigned to him so well. When the second part of the scene on the OTT platform crashed, everyone was looking for Sahadevan. Shajon himself answers.’Now we hear that Scene 3 is coming. What twists. Scene 2 is a movie that has no escape. I am a person who sees it as a great blessing to be able to be a part of a visual film.

Now a lot of people are calling and asking. Where did Sahadevan go? Sahadevan’s work is gone, and I am now built. Jeet has to think if Sahadevan is to come now. We hope to have all of us in Scene 3, ”said Kalabhavan Shajon.’ It’s been two years since I took the caravan. This is taken in connection with writing and is thought to be helpful for some meetings. Writing for the next film is in progress. ‘ –Shajon clarified. Balaji questioned the fans’ suspicion as to whether the eyewitness who saw Varun being buried at the police station was Sahadevan. Shajon’s reply was that he knew in scene 3 whether he was Sahadevan’s person or not. Balaji Sharma said that the mastermind of the film is Jeethu Joseph and if he had not become a director, he would have become a police officer. Balaji Sharma and Shajon are on the set of the movie Pulli directed by Jiju Asokan. During the break between the shoot, Balaji Sharma reached Shajon’s caravan and shared his experiences.