Shaji Pappan and Pillar will reach Onam, Vijay Babu announces ‘Aadu 3’

Vijay Babu announces Adu 3

Good news for fans of Shaji Pappan. Producer Vijay Babu has said that the third part of the film will be theatrical release for Onam. Jayasurya’s latest flick ‘Thrissur Pooram’ has been announced on Facebook Live via Facebook Live.Vijay Babu and Jayasurya shared with their fans the goat ‘3 Goat Biryani’ on the pack day of Thrissur Pooram. Vijay Babu said that the shooting of the film will start in April-May.It was in February 2015 that the ‘goat was a monster’ came into the fire. Jayasurya’s role in the film was a trend set among the youth. Producer Vijay Babu of Friday Film House has officially stated via his social media handles that the third part in the Aadu series is very much on. The second part of the cult hit, starring Jayasurya, was released in 2017.Vijay Babu announces Adu 3

Midhun Manuel Thomas directed both parts. A rare example of a film that met with weak theatrical reception, but was a huge success upon release on home video, the first part of Aadu won viewers over with its quirky sense of humour and memorable, whacky characters.The protagonist of these films, Shaji Pappan, played by Jayasurya, has now become one of the actor’s iconic characters. Vijay Babu also made an appearance in the franchise, as a cop named Sarbath Shameer.Meanwhile, Vijay is busy prepping his latest production, June, for release. Starring Rajisha Vijayan and Joju George as daughter and father, respectively, the coming-of-age drama will be hitting the screens on February 1.T he movie is the third installment from Jayasurya’s hit franchise Aadu. Aadu 3 will be produced by Vijay Babu under the banner Friday Film House.Vijay Babu announces Adu 3