Shaji Kailas Big Budget Film With Megastar Mass Film

Many say that the 80s and 90s were the spring of Malayalam cinema. Many people said that none of the films that came here were good films. A beautiful movie by talented directors and writers is the dream of every Malayali audience. Looking at the old mass-class films, many people claim that the films released today lack any charm.

Now the awkward moment that everyone has been waiting for has arrived. The news is that Malayalam cinema’s favorite director Shaji Kailas and producers Santhosh Damodaran and SN Swamy are teaming up. A mega project is being prepared by the team of SN Swamy, Santhosh Damodaran, and Shaji Kailas. A great movie. This film will be prepared on a large canvas. It can be understood from close sources that a mass movie is going to arrive.