Shahrukh khan gave funny answer o a fan’s question on how much money he has paid for Modi’s fund


Bollywood lord Shahrukh Khan has become a piece of the conversations. Shahrukh’s notoriety has never diminished despite the fact that a portion of his movies have tumbled yet individuals love him furiously. He is additionally known for his generosity.Recently, Shah Rukh held an inquiry and answer meeting with his fans. During this time, a fan asked him an abnormal inquiry he reacted in an entertaining manner.

At the point when a client asked him – what amount did Shahrukh sir gave in the PM Fund. So Shah Rukh wrote because of this inquiry “Truly, would you say you are a clerk? After this inquiry, when Shah Rukh was gotten some information about Salman’s tune on Corona, Shah Rukh said-He is a decent single.Another client asked, “How would you see the impact of coronavirus on our film industry.

” Do you believe that after the lockdown is finished, there will be an alternate world? “So Shah Rukh answered – ” I think we as a whole need to press the respite button, at that point reset and afterward play and push the world ahead. ” Similarly, a lot more inquiries were posed to Shah Rukh, to which he addressed sagaciously.