Shah Rukh Khan Lauds ‘King of Kotha’ Trailer: A Bollywood Mollywood Crossover?

In a delightful surprise for fans of both Bollywood and Mollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, often dubbed the ‘King of Bollywood’, recently shared the trailer of the much-anticipated Malayalam film ‘King of Kotha’. But what’s even more intriguing is his shoutout to the film’s star, Dulquer Salmaan. It’s not every day that Bollywood’s biggest stars take a moment to appreciate regional cinema. Shah Rukh’s movie not only highlights the growing influence of Malayalam cinema but also hints at the deepening ties between the two industries.

Taking to his social media, Shah Rukh Khan shared the ‘King of Kotha’ trailer with a caption that has since garnered thousands of likes and shares. While the exact words remain a delightful surprise for those who visit his profile, it’s clear that he holds a deep respect for Dulquer and the team behind the film. Dulquer Salmaan, known for his humility, was quick to respond. His reply, filled with gratitude and mutual admiration, further fueled speculations of a potential collaboration between the two stars. As ‘King of Kotha’ gains traction, not just in Kerala but across India, Shah Rukh Khan’s endorsement serves as a testament to the film’s potential impact. Whether this interaction will lead to a future Bollywood-Mollywood collaboration remains to be seen, but fans are undoubtedly excited.