Home News Selfie at Alappuzha bypass;case filed against 18 people and fined 4500Rs.

Selfie at Alappuzha bypass;case filed against 18 people and fined 4500Rs.

The motor vehicle department has taken action against 18 persons who tried to take a selfie by stopping their vehicle on the beach overpass (elevated highway) through the bypass. A fine of Rs 4,500 was imposed on them. He was caught taking a photo while stopping the vehicle in violation of the warning that those who make loopholes on the flyover will have to pay a fine.

There were widespread complaints that the bypass would be a bloodbath if the speed limit was not imposed. Subsequently, special squads of North and South police and traffic police and the Town Special Squad of the Department of Motor Vehicles decided to conduct inspections. The Department of Motor Vehicles has intensified inspections by special squads and patrols on the bridge. When the inspection team arrives at the illegally parked area with the herd, only one or two vehicles are seized.

And others escape. Police inspections will be intensified in the coming days. RTO PR Sumesh said the motor vehicle department would install surveillance cameras on the bridge to detect and trap vehicles parked illegally on the bypass. Stopping vehicles on the bypass to see the sea and take selfies carries heavy fines and a petty case. The law has been tightened since Wednesday.

The 6.8-kilometer bypass, which runs along the coast, includes 4.8 kilometers of elevated highway and 3.2 kilometers of the flyover. There is no other long elevated highway in Kerala. The Alappuzha Bypass is an elevated highway and flyover through the beach.

The journey through the bypass that passes closest to the sea is the same experience. From the opening day onwards, the place is very crowded as the journey enjoys the natural beauty of the sea. Most of the vehicles coming for the bypass trip are out of curiosity. Vehicles parked on elevated highways and taking selfies are causing traffic congestion.

In this case, parking on the bypass and getting out of the vehicle is prohibited. Boards indicating the ban will be placed on the color line starting at the bypass and ending at the end. Punishment is for those who violate it.

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