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Seema G Nair about Saranya’s confidence

Seema about Saranya

Actress Seema G Nair has come up with words that will give actress Saranya Sasi, who has come back to life after battling cancer, the energy to return to life and acting. The star made the revelation in an interview with a magazine. Actress Seema G Nair, who wants Saranya to return to acting, described Saranya’s confident words one by one.

Saranya Current Status

As Seema G Nair says …

‘Now Saranya has to be brought in front of the screen with the same vibe as before. When I found out that I was sick and coming back to life, many people asked me if I could see it on the screen. I’m not going anywhere. I still want to act.


If you call me and get a good role I will definitely act. I got sick whenever I wanted to act. Let new people come and act, I’m sure I’ll be here and still be able to act. These were the words of Saranya. Actress Seema G Nair says that this confidence and courage alone is enough for Saranya to get busy as before ‘.

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