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Secretariat fire, The files were destroyed!

Secretariat fire, The files were destroyed!

Fire at the State Secretariat. The fire started around 5 pm. The fire broke out in the North Sandwich block where the Public Administration Department is located.In addition to the files, a computer was also destroyed. Firefighters arrived and put out the blaze. Employees say the fire was caused by a short circuit in the computer.

Fire at Secreteriat

However, it is not clear what file was destroyed.Employees have been completely removed from the building. Here are just a few of the secretariat employees’ union leaders. Although there were no casualties, the media reported that several files were destroyed by the fire.

Fire at Secreteriat, Thiruvananthapuram

When the staff saw the smoke rising from this area, it did not lead to a big accident. Indications are that the fire broke out in the office of the Chief Protocol Officer. It is not clear what the burned files are. The initial conclusion was that the cause of the fire was a short circuit.The fire broke out in the building where the offices of the political section are functioning. This is an area of ​​great political importance. The office of the Protocol Officer is also located here. The NIA has requested the protocol officer for the footage and files related to the gold smuggling.

Additional Secretary, Public Administration, P.S. Honey told Mathrubhumi News. Covid was confirmed to an employee of the Public Administration Department yesterday. As part of that, all the other employees were in the quarantine. Only two employees came to work today. The fire was caused by a short circuit from the computer. Firefighters were immediately notified and the fire was completely extinguished.Files mainly related to room bookings in various guest houses were burnt. The files were burned more than four months ago. No important file was burned. He said there were no important files in the room where the fire broke out.

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