Screenwriter, director and actor P.Balachandran has passed away


Screenwriter, director and actor P. Balachandran (70) passed away. He died at his home in Vaikom in the morning. He had been undergoing treatment for several days due to uncontrolled diabetes. He has scripted films like Pavithram, Ulladakkam and Kammattipadam. Last scripted film – Edakkad Battalion and directed the film Ivan Megharoopan. The last Released Acting Movie is One. He also wrote several plays. He has received the Kerala Sangeethanataka Akademi Award. Many celebrities expressed their condolences, like Actor Jayasurya, Mohanlal, Manju Warrier and Ginnus Pakru posted Rest in peace on their social media page.

Balachandran, a native of Sasthamcotta, came into acting while working as a teacher. He excelled not only in acting but also in writing and directing. In the meanwhile, he was also active in the theatre. He has received the Kerala Sangeethanataka Akademi Award, the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award and the Kerala Chalachithra Akademi Award. His directorial debut Megharoopan was based on the life of P Kunjiraman Nair. Evan Megharoopan won the second best film award that year. P Balachandran has acted in more than 40 films including Agnidevan, Vakkalath Narayanankutty, Beautiful, Trivandrum Lodge, Anna and Rasool, Kammattipadam, Eeda and Comrade. Her last film was Kolambi directed by TK Rajeev Kumar.