Scientists seen a ray of hope in the Corona havoc, know how T-cell will save patients from death

Scientists looking to hail the corona have seen a silver lining. It has been shown that the number of immune cells (immune cells or T-cells) decreases significantly in people who are seriously ill with corona. British scientists are testing whether people can be saved if T-cell numbers are increased. This remedy has been very effective in many other diseases.


What are the T-Cells
According to experts, whenever a virus is attacked by the body, these T-cells do the job of fighting it and throwing the disease out of the body. A microliter of blood from a healthy person usually contains 2000 to 4800 T-cells. These are also called T-lymphocytes. Scientists have found in tests that the number of patients in Corona reaches 200 to 1000. That is why their condition becomes serious.

The falling number of T-cells in this experiment means that the man is vulnerable to some form of infection. In many other diseases, doctors have used a drug named Interleukin 7 to increase its number, which has been very effective. Now scientists from King’s College London’s Francis Crick Institute and Gage & St Thomas Hospital are doing clinical trials of this drug on corona patients.

coronavirus Vaccine
coronavirus Vaccine

Why the danger 

  • Doctors found that in 70% of corona sufferers coming to the ICU, the T-cell count dropped from 4000 to 400.
  • Two research showed that those with no T-cell count were higher.

A major achievement would be
Professor Adrian Head of the CRIC Institute, that the coronavirus attacks our body’s immune system differently. He starts destroying the T-cell directly. If we are successful in increasing the number of T-cells in patients, then there will be a big achievement.

Expect why 
Columbia University virologist Angela Rasmussen says it is quite encouraging. It has been observed that as the corona patients recover, the number of T-cells increases. This result can go a long way in making the vaccine. 

Researchers at Cardiff University, England, who are helpful in the treatment of cancer, found that killer T-cells are very effective in the treatment of cancer. In this therapy, the resistant cells are removed, slightly altered, and put back into the patient’s blood, so that these resistant cells can eliminate the cancer cells.

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