Say Goodbye To Miscommunication WhatsApp Set To Launch Screen Sharing

WhatsApp is also set to test a screen-sharing option during video calls offered by video conferencing platforms including Microsoft and Google Meet. With screen sharing, the host can display content on their screen with others. It can be very useful in-office meetings. Beta testers are getting it in beta app version iOS app users may get this feature soon. WhatsApp may consider adding this option to the WhatsApp desktop app and web version. Naamalameklee has also shared screenshots of how the feature works. Screen sharing button has been added to WhatsApp. The button sits next to the video and audio mute buttons. The service will be available once the users click on the screen-sharing option.

Users can stop sharing screen content at any time. WhatsApp users may need to give additional permission to use the option. While not a direct competitor to Google Meet or Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp has a large user base in India and this feature is likely to challenge other apps. Whereas other office-centric apps, including Slack, require a subscription to run efficiently.