Sathish starrer “Naai Sekar” Movie Review and Rating


Naai Sekar Synopsis

Imagine a man being nibbled by a canine that is being investigated by a researcher, and afterward starts acting like the Dog. That is what’s really going on with Sathish Naai Sekar.

Naai Sekar Movie Cast and Director

Name of the Movie: Naai Sekar

Cast: Sathish, Pavithra Lakshmi

Director: Kishore Rajkumar

Hero Sekar (Sathish) is an IT worker who is infatuated with his partner Pooja (Pavithra Lakshmi). Sekar is somebody who abhors dogs however tragically, he gets nibbled by a canine that Rajarajan, a researcher was dealing with. Sekar begins acting like a canine and the canine beginnings show the qualities of a human. Indeed, at the same time, there is an appraisal in progress at work and a gathering with Pooja’s dad as well. Presently, would Sekar be able to become typical once more? Will he oversee before it is past the point of no return?

Kishore Rajkumar, the director, of the film, didn’t need to make a solid effort to make this parody performer. With entertainers like Sathish, who gets into the skin of the person, things become simple. We know the entertainer as a jokester, so some of the antics that he has to do after being bitten by the dog (like gnawing a person underneath his hip) doesn’t feel like picture harming stuff. Simultaneously, he is likewise OK as a customary person with a romantic interest. Be it in any event, hanging his tongue out or showing eyes as a little dog does, Sathish has nailed his presentation overall. Pavithra is a debutant and most certainly doesn’t look so. She made a good performance and has done all aspects of her personality competently. T-shirts with some crazy lines written over, showing Korean restaurants and pop cultures are shown in this film.

Likewise, then again, this one is certainly not a without a doubt performer. It is all the more a time pass parody, while quite possibly it might have been much better. Additionally, the truth of the matter is that crowds are tired of watching Manobala and Swaminathan playing the same managers over and over. How a dog can treat, has been shown well indeed. Be that as it may, it must be done in the most ideal manner.

Kishore ought to have worked on away at the screenplay somewhat more, and modified a couple of scenes from it. In general, this film is more engaging and agreeable for youngsters than grown-ups.

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