Sandalwood’s MeeToo bomb exploded again: Bitter truth told by Baa Baro Rasika actress


Many actresses including famous actress Shruti Hariharan have already bombed Metoo on Sandalwood. A few years ago, these cases reached the court. Sandalwood also revealed dark faces. Now again the sound of meetoo is heard in sandalwood. Ashita, who has acted in many films including Road Romeo, and is now away from the film industry, shared her bitter experiences of in an interview conducted by director Raghuram.

Ashita, who has acted in several films including Ba Baro Rasika, Akash, Tavarina Siri, seems to have stayed away from the film industry due to the bitter experiences. In an interview, she said that she had to leave the film industry because the words “be there for sale” and “listen as we say” disgusted to get a chance in a movie. She unabashedly exposes the nasty instincts of a director who asked directly.

I am not sad about being away from the film industry. However, despite being recognized in the film industry, I had bad experiences. But, I didn’t like it. I didn’t even want such a chance. I don’t want to mention the name of that director, he asked me to stay with him. When i did not agree with it, they insulted me.

Even if the take was good, they would retake it again. He said that I was tired of all this. I don’t know if the new girls are in a lot of trouble, even though I am recognized in the film industry. I am still interested in acting. However, she talked about returning to the film industry saying that she should like the team and get a role that suits her. Despite all this, Ashita has not revealed the name of the person who harassed her.