Sandalwood actor Abhishek Ambareesh got engaged

Abhishek-Ambareesh-with Yash and Radhika

Abhishek Ambareesh, an Indian actor, has reached a happy time in his life. On December 11, the actor and his business partner Aviva Bidapa exchanged rings in a private ceremony. Photos of the highly-guarded engagement are circulating on social media. In front of their close relatives and friends, the newly engaged couple was seen beaming as they exchanged rings.

Both Abhishek and his fiancée Aviva were seen in the same frame, surrounded by their loved ones. The pair dressed very traditionally for the auspicious occasion. Aviva wore a lovely pink saree with a delicately embroidered blouse, while Abhishek wore a golden-white kurta and pyjama set. The newlyweds in town appeared to be completely in love and couldn’t stop grinning. After the exchange of rings, Abhishek gave Aviva a tender kiss on the cheeks that caused her to blush.

Abhishek has experience in both acting and politics. Abhishek is the son of the actor and former Lok Sabha member Ambareesh. Sumalatha Ambareesh, the mother of Abhishek, is both an actress and a legislator. In the meantime, Prasad Bidapa, Aviva’s father, is a well-known fashion choreographer and designer. Members of the political and film communities attended Abhishek and Aviva’s engagement ceremony. Famous star Yash and his wife Radhika Pandit also attended the function.

Abhishek Ambareesh made his acting debut in the 2019 movie Amar. Despite the fact that the movie failed to please the audience and the Kannada actor took a three-year break from performing, rumors claim that he already has two new projects lined up. Additionally, the director of Abhishek’s next film, S Krishna, has hinted that shooting will start after the engagement festivities are completed.