Sameera Reddy Shared Her Daughter’s New Photos With A Viral Caption

Sameera Reddy shares her daughter Nyra’s pictures in the social media and writes ‘how girl child was considered a burden.’Sameera Reddy took to social media to share an inspiring message for Sunday. The actress shared a picture with her daughter Nyra and questioned as to how ‘ In our country, the girl child was considered a burden’. Sameera Reddy, mother of two, who frequently shares posts on body image issues with the hashtag #ImperfectlyPerfect, surely deserves all the attention for sharing such a positive message.

In her post Sameera wrote, ” have a lil girl is such joy! Can’t even understand how In our country the girl child was considered a burden ‼ I say ‘was’ because I hope that mindset has really changed . I still hear how in big urban families they prefer the firstborn to be a boy but i can tell you as one of three girls in my family we have achieved more than any boy could have!”.

Sameera Reddy is happily married to entrepreneur, Akshay Varde and is now a mother of two kids. She has often posted photos of her children on social media.

When Sameera Reddy was pregnant with her daughter Nyra, she spoke in details about battling body image issues after her first pregnancy. She said that she ‘disappeared’ for the fear of being judged by the world. “I touched 102 kilos in May 2015, the month Hans was born and I’m not scared to admit it… My confidence shattered. And I couldn’t lose the weight for a year after because I was too scared to even step out… I disappeared because I didn’t have the strength to be judged by the world after all the years of being glam and fit on screen.”