Samantha says Dev is the Dhushyanthan in ‘Shakuntala’


Film lovers anxiously waiting for the audience of the film Movie’. Shakuntala will be played by South Indian actress Samantha. Now announced who will be the Dhushyanthan in the movie. Samantha has said that Dev Mohan, who became Kerala’s own Sufi through the film ‘Sufi and Sujatha’, will be the villain in the film. The actor has also shared a video announcing this.

‘Shakunthalam’ is a film directed by screenwriter Gunasekhar based on mythology. After ‘Sufi and Sujatha’, Dev is currently working on ‘Pulli’. His arrival is expected to be a major turning point in his career. Gunasekhar’s previous film is ‘Rudramadevi’.

samantha tweet

“Here is our handsome prince,” Dev Mohan tweeted, referring to Samantha as Shakuntala’s Dhushyanthan. It is said that ‘Shakunthalam’ has a budget of Rs 150 crore. The film is said to be made in all South Indian languages. The director has previously stated that the Avijnana Shakunthalam, an eternal love poem written by Kalidasa, one of the foremost ancient poets, will be from Shakuntala’s point of view when it becomes a film.

It was the Malayalam’s first direct ott release”Soofiyum Sujatha” starred by actress Aditi Rao, Dev Mohan and Jayasuriya. Dev Mohan played the title role of Sufi in the film which was streamed through Amazon Prime. Shakunthalam’ Pan is all set to become a Pan Indian film.