Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s Yashoda will now release on OTT


The previous film to star Samantha Ruth Prabhu-Yashoda succeeded in giving the actor’s cap another feather. However, the new age thriller ran into difficulty after it was revealed that the EVA IVF Hospital filed a lawsuit against the producers, claiming that the drama casts a negative light on their facility. The Hyderabad Civil Court took their protest into consideration and postponed the OTT release of the new-age thriller made by Hari and Harish. The most recent development is that the ‘EVA’ hospital logo has been blurred in the movie.

Yashoda producer Sivalenka Krishna recently addressed a press conference on the subject and revealed their decision saying, “They have cleared all the legal issues and the makers will blur all the EVA’s logos in ‘Yashoda’ in over 80+ places in the film and he adds, we didn’t know that there existed an IVF (In vitro fertilization) center with the above brand name, it’s purely coincidental and we didn’t make the film to demean or harm anyone in particular or any hospital to that matter. Since it was brought to our notice we are considering blurring all its logos and muting all its dialogues or sounds in the film.”

He further added, “We requested a week’s time to do the above in theatres to which the hospital management and court have agreed keeping all the technical issues in mind. So, the digital/OTT version of the film will not have any of the above logos/ brand names shown/spelled in the film. The film is in its 3rd week running successfully in theatres now and we’ll announce when the film will come on OTT next month, we want to thank the EVA hospital group for their peaceful cooperation.”

On November 11th of this year, Yashoda was released in theatres to rave acclaim from both the public and reviewers.