Sam Heughan Plays Important Role In The ‘Love Again’ Hollywood Film Trailer 


Priyanka Chopra, who is one of the favorite stars of the Bollywood audience, is in the new Hollywood film ‘Love Again’. The film is directed by James Strauss. James C. Strauss himself is writing the screenplay of the film. The trailer for the new film ‘Love Again’ has been released. Sam Heughan plays another important role in the film. It is a romantic film. The cinematography of the film is done by Andrew Dune. 

It has been announced that the film will release on May 12, 2023. A gooey story is promised in the love movie Love Again’s new trailer. The movie, which also stars Sam Heughan, centers on a bereaved Priyanka who decides to try love again after suffering a loss. It’s interesting to note that Priyanka’s real-life husband, singer-actor Nick Jonas, makes a brief appearance in the movie and shares an embarrassing kiss with her.