Salman’s father responded to Dabang Director’s comments

The death of Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput surprised everyone and became the subject of Bollywood drama. Dabangg director Abhinav Kashyap, Salman has accused the family of being in the background of many claims that he was killed as a cause of nepotism. Abhinav said in the post that he was the reason for the ruin of his career and the women who have ruined my life.

Salman Khan and Father
Salman Khan and Father

Dabangg director Abhinav Kashyap’s comments on Kandlavir Salman Khan have become a sensation in Bollywood. Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan has reacted to Kashyap’s allegations. Thinking and doing things before blaming others. Kashyap could not do that. Speaking on such allegations, Salim said, “I will not waste time.”

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Bollywood celebrities have reacted differently. Many celebrities have accused him of nepotism. Dabangg director Abhinav Kashyap said in a statement that Salman had made allegations against him and his family. They were the cause of my career, and the women who destroyed my life were bombed weekly. These allegations are leading the debate in the Indian film industry.

Salman Khan Father Salim Khan's Comment
Salman Khan Father Salim Khan’s Comment

Abhinav said that apart from the release of Ranbir Kapoor in the lead role, the film will not be released. Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan responded to these comments. The producer takes indirect support before blaming anyone else. But they did not. Salim said I would not waste my time by talking about such matters.

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