Salman Khan wanted to marry Juhi Chawla, know why it didn’t work again

salman khan wanted to marry juhi chawla

Today is Juhi Chawla’s birthday. Juhi was married to Jai Mehta and today she is enjoying her life with him and the two children. But do you know that Salman liked Juhi a lot and wanted to marry her too. He even talked about marrying Juhi’s father.  

Salman said in one of his old interviews, ‘Juhi is very brilliant. He is very sweet. I even asked his father if he would marry Juhi. He refused.Please tell that Juhi married Jai Mehta in the peak of her career i.e. in the year 1996. However, at that time no one came to know about the marriage of the two. 

How the love story started 

Juhi told about her love story with Jai, ‘Our first meeting was before I came to Bollywood. Although I did not interact with him after coming to the movies. But then after a few years we met again at a dinner party hosted by friends. After this our conversation started. After this I used to see Jai wherever I went.

Juhi further said, ‘I remember Jay brought a truck full of red roses on my birthday. I was shocked after seeing all that. Whatever they could do for me, they did it. Then a year later he proposed to me for marriage ‘.