MUMBAI: With the country on lockdown, all super stars are confined to their homes. But Salman Khan is not. He is busy helping people. Thousands of families once again helped. They got to know the love of Bollywood’s own Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Salman, who brought his own farm-raised products, has reached Lockdown for those in distress. People are increasingly coming in search of Salman. Salman is getting a different reaction from the other Bollywood stars.

Salman Khan’s first move was to relocate from his flat in Mumbai when the pandemic spread across Kovid. He moved to his farmhouse in Panvel on the outskirts of town. Pictures from his farmhouse last week went viral on social media. The film was about Salman practicing in the gym. Actress Jacqueline Fernandez, girlfriend Yulia Vander and Larisha D’Souza are here with Salman. Other friends have also arrived.

Following the lockdown, Salman was next in charge of helping those struggling to eat. Salman has shared on social media a video of him sending food items to the bullock and truck. Contributors including actresses have contributed to this. Food is also being supplied on tractors. His friends have also shared pictures. But not much publicity has been given to it.
He has helped thousands of families living near Salman’s Panvel Farm House. Rice, vegetables, cereals, eggs and cereals were transported to the villages of Panvel. Some of this food was produced at Salman’s own farmhouse. In the video, there is a lineup of vehicles being transported and transported from the farmhouse.

Salman says cleanliness is important for those living in the villages. He has provided hundreds of sanitizers and soaps to the locals. The aim is to create the best possible hygiene for them. Meanwhile, the villagers enthusiastically embraced Salman’s every act. They have contacted the actor, asking for more help. His team is also contacted for emergency assistance.

Salman has decided to give maximum support not only to Panvel but also to all those who seek help at his home in Mumbai. Residents of Kalyan have called Salman for help. They all have food and drinks. All the residents of the Kalyan region were brought food through his team. He also inquired whether there was any help for everyone here.

Salman’s help does not end with his wedding. His team is also working in Malegaon. There are 600 families here. It was declared a government hotspot in Maharashtra. Salman provided grains and vegetables to this place. He has also been a savior to many of the poorest families on the island of Madh. Salman Khan’s father, Salim Khan, gave the money. Salim Khan is also evaluating Mumbai’s operations and taking initiatives to deliver essential commodities.

Not much has been revealed about Salman’s farmhouse. But this is a vast area. This is where Jacqueline Fernandez shot the ad last day. Jacqueline is known to be a close friend of Salman in Bollywood. Former Big contestant Niketan Madhok is also at Salman’s farmhouse. Meanwhile, his manager said that Salman is doing all the work here. The manager said Salman had moved to the farmhouse before the lockdown began.