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RPSC RAS ​​Result 2021

RPSC RAS ​​Result 2021

RPSC RAS ​​Result 2021: Leader of the Opposition in Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Gulab Chand Kataria has said that the interviews conducted by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission are reliable and simple, so how were the employees of the commission caught taking bribe of Rs 23 lakh.

Responding to Rajasthan Public Service Commission Chairman Bhupendra Yadav’s interview as completely flawed, Shri Kataria issued a statement saying that the arrest of the Commission’s employees taking bribe is a sample of impeccable mechanism. He said that it is a flawless system, so what is a flawless system.

Shri Kataria said that if this system is flawless, then the tapes of talks which have been published in the newspapers to increase the marks, is it a model of foolproof system. He said that the chairman of the commission says that the board is formed 10 minutes in advance, even the chairman does not even know the name and roll number of the candidate. It is not possible to benefit anyone in the current process.

Shri Kataria said that cases of corruption and nepotism have come to the fore on such a large scale and there are reports of undue benefits being given to many candidates in a wrong way. Even after this, if the Speaker calls his system a foolproof system, then the bankruptcy of the foolproof system has been removed.

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