Roshan Mathew starrer ‘Chathuram’ release date postponed


The release of Sidharth Bharathan’s upcoming directorial ‘Chathuram’, which features Swasika Vijay and Roshan Mathew in the lead roles, has been postponed. ‘Chathuram’ was slated to release on September 16. The filmmaker took to his social media handle and shared that the release is pushed further, because of technical and logistical issues. The makers are yet to announce the new release date, however, Sidharth Bharathan stated that his team is trying to bring the film to the cinemas, at the earliest possible.

The statement shared on Sidharth Bharathan’s Instagram story reads, “Hey Fam! On behalf of #teamchathuram I’d like to inform you all that the release of our movie #chathuram square has been postponed owing to some technical and logistical issues. However, I want to assure you all that we are working to sort out and resolve these issues as quickly as we can and cater our movie to your nearest cinema theatres at the earliest. Once again, Thank You for your patience and encouragement. We hope you will continue to shower #teamchathuram with your love and support.”Chathuram

Actors Alencier Lay Lopez, Santhy Balachandran, Leona Lishoy, Jaffar Idukki, Nishanth Sagar, and Gilu Joseph all play significant roles in “Chathuram.” In a news interview, Swasika Vijay said, “There is a way a woman needs to be respected and treated, be it mentally or physically. And our film talks about how women react when they are ill-treated. The film travels through the life of a woman – Selena, whom I am playing, and how she interacts and responds to the people and circumstances she meets with. The characters in the film are not ultimately good or evil, they all are fighting for what they think is right.”