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Romy Johnson’s Thoughts On Why IELTS Is An Absolute Essential Now And How his Venture, Cool Gurus Is An Effective Learning Tool



Cool Gurus

You may think that you are doing well academically, and you do not need any options as backups. If so, it is great that you have confidence in yourself. However, it is wise to keep your options open. One of the best ways to ensure that you end up in a good university is by taking the IELTS exam.



IELTS is an important exam that one must take if he/she wishes to apply to universities overseas. This exam tests your spoken English skills as well as your writing skills. Romy Johnson, a student who realized the importance of this test. He believes that all students need to prepare well before they take the IELTS. He currently owns a

Kerala Based Academy called the British India Academy. 

Here, he focuses on teaching students and guiding them through education abroad. This venture has earned him over 3.5 crores in the short span of one year! Now, fully charged and encouraged, Romy Johnson plans on taking over the overseas education sector in Canada as well. His newest venture, Cool Gurus, is all set to change the way overseas education is perceived in Canada. This platform will have everything a student preparing for the IELTS may need. Continue reading to find out why taking the IELTS is important to let alone preparing for them.

Why do you need to take the IELTS?

We have all heard about IELTS. This test is essential if you wish to study in countries where English is the first language. Romy Johnson realized how important it is for students from non-English native countries to prepare for the IELTS. With his education infrastructures, he plans on doing just that. However, if you are still unsure if you should take the IELTS, continue reading to know the views of the expert himself, Romy Johnson about why one should take the test.

⦁ Your road to international universities is simplified.

Romy Johnson recommends taking the IELTS just in case you are planning to study overseas. This essential test will make your admission process significantly easier. It paves the path to international universities and makes it easier for students to gain their education.
Cool Gurus is equipped with all the services one may need to prepare for the IELTS. One of the most exciting features of this platform is personalized learning. Most students who cannot avail of expensive training and coaching can greatly benefit from Cool Gurus at a minimal fee.

⦁ Gives your career a boost

Romy says that if you are IELTS qualified, you will be at a greater advantage than most students who are not. You can apply to some of the highest-ranking colleges in the world with a qualified IELTS exam. Universities in the United States, Europe, Australia, etc. all accept an IELTS certificate.

This certification can be of great use and can help you gain good knowledge. Romy Johnson has curated an informative online platform that helps students prepare for this exam from any part of the world. Gaining education from top tier universities is now possible with the help of Cool Gurus and its online services.

⦁ It is a foolproof test.

An IELTS exam assesses your speaking and writing skills at the same time. This is done to make sure you are proficient in the language even though your first language is not English. This kind of test also makes sure there is minimum cheating taking place. Cool Gurus will have all the tools you will need to gain proficiency in the English language. These tools are custom-tailored to fit your liking as well.

⦁ You are prepared for both American and British English.

Cool Gurus understands that there are differences between American English and British English. This is the reason why this online platform will provide its clients with overall training. Also, since the IELTS comprises both American English and British English, you will excel in both by the time you are done taking the test.

⦁ You can take it from anywhere.

One of the best parts of the IELTS is how easily available it is. Students from across the globe can take this test. This is another reason why Romy Johnson wanted to make education and test preparation for this test easily accessible too. Through Cool Gurus, Romy Johnson wishes to teach students worldwide and make preparation easier. All these services offered are very expensive otherwise, but with Cool Gurus, education is finally affordable.

As per Romy Johnson, the mind behind Cool Gurus believes that the above-mentioned were a few reasons why everyone must take the IELTS if they wish to study overseas. Once you make up your mind, the process becomes easy. Along with the help of Cool Gurus, you will soon become a master of the language.

Cool Gurus

Cool Gurus

What is the vision behind Cool Gurus?

Romy Johnson knows that countless students across the globe do not have the English language as their first language. This is the reason he created Cool Gurus to help these students out and encourage them to reach their goals.
Using e-learning media, students are bound to get personal attention and wholesome learning courses here.

What special features did he incorporate in Cool Gurus?

Here are a few reasons why this company can do wonders for students across the world:

⦁ Personal attention

Students who avail of the services on Cool Gurus will not only get traditional learning but much more than that. This Canada based e-learning site has more to offer than what meets the eye. Romy Johnson and the team of Cool Gurus works very hard to provide each student with personal study packages. This way, all the subscribed students will get individual attention on the site. All doubts can be cleared online through live chats or video lessons. Students sitting before their screen across the world will have the same experience as that in a classroom.

⦁ Makes exam prep easy

Taking the IELTS with the help of Cool Gurus is your best bet at the moment. Regular classes can charge you a lot of money for such services. Moreover, there are no chances that these services will do you any good. However, with Cool Gurus and Romy Johnson’s competent team, you are guaranteed to see results in your next test. You will find guides only especially curated for you to make your prep easier.

⦁ A great choice for distance learning

The whole point of an e-learning website such as Cool Gurus is to make studying easier over long distances. This idea has been implemented by many services and has proven to be helpful. However, Cool Gurus takes this a step further. It incorporates distance learning along with personal attention given to each student. This combination will benefit students greatly, and they will be able to perform well in their next exam.

⦁ Support and professional guidance

All the guidance and support offered by Cool Gurus are done by professionals. The highly experienced team headed by Romy Johnson is dedicated to providing its students with an excellent education. Any doubts apart from education can also be cleared by the professionals present on the website. This platform aims to make education more convenient and accessible to students everywhere. This not only includes traditional learning but the overall experience as well.

⦁ Experienced teachers

All courses taught on this website are by experienced teachers only. According to Romy Johnson, one cannot compromise on education. Hence, strict measures have been taken to check the quality of education that’s put out on the website.

More about Romy Johnson

Romy Johnson is a 21-year-old Canadian student who is popular for creating one of the best e-learning sites out there. He earned a whopping 3.5 crore rupees in just one year running his learning center in Kochi, India. This learning center was passed down to him from his late father.

After his father’s death, Romy Johnson ran this institute with great passion and zeal; this earned him the impressive 3.5 crore rupee turnover. He is passionate about teaching and is working hard towards creating a wholesome learning environment for students online. He recently ventured out into the $63 billion English instructional industry.

The brand he sells looks promising and is built on concrete ideas and plans. Students all over the world can benefit from Cool Gurus in countless ways. This inclusive educational venture is a great option for students in distant parts of the world. All this is only possible due to the intricate planning and execution by Romy Johnson and his team.

At the end of the day, it is the sheer passion with which teachers teach students. Moreover, in these times, teachers need to keep up and follow the trends. These are the times on online learning. And Romy Johnson has combined both his passion and modernization and created the e-learning platform, Cool Gurus.

The website’s features stand out and are sure to serve their purpose of teaching students everything they need to know about exams such as IELTS. All these services are available to anyone at a very low cost. All dreams can be easily achieved by students now with the help provided by Romy Johnson through Cool Gurus.



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