Roja’s assault on TDP – inquiries on 2 washrooms for 151 MLAs

YSRC pioneer Roja, who is known for adjusting legislative issues and stimulation vocation, is presently on assaulting mode on TDP. She terminated on Chandra Babu Naidu inquiring as to whether he is the resistance chief for the whole state or only for 29 towns.

Talking on the circumstance in Amaravathi, Roja expressed that TDP never manufactured a quality structure and the AP Assembly has 2 washrooms for 151 MLAs. Refering to the poor plan and the unremarkable structural choices of TDP, Roja finished that TDP has done nothing in Amaravathi. About the ladies dissenters, Roja expressed that the greater part of them are from Kukatpally and the TDP paid them to dissent in Amaravathi.

Roja referenced that YS Jagan is attempting to create three locales and it would build up the state in every one of the bearings. The solid inquiries of Roja got thankfulness from the kindred heads of YSRC while TDP is profoundly missing a resilient lady pioneer in the gathering who can counter assault Roja.