Rocket Rashmi reviews: film starring Taapsee Pannu



When you see Taapsee Pannu’s Rashmi staying the course, for her and for different competitors who have been done against in comparative style, you need to cheer.

Rasmi Rocket Tapsee Pannu
Tapsee Pannu


Taapsee Pannu, Priyanshu Painyuli, Abhishek Banerjee, Supriya Pathak, Akash Khurana, Chirag Vora, Varun Badola, Supriya Pilgaonkar


Akarsh Khurana


2.5 stars

At a fascinating point with regards to the film, an irritable adjudicator requests a legal counselor with a hint from mockery, ‘Aap Hindi film bahut dekhte hain kya? Asliyat mein court mein itna extreme emotion nahin hota.’ (Do you observe an excessive number of Hindi movies? In actuality, there’s less dramatization in courts). The assertion is a precise counterpart for the tone of ‘Rashmi Rocket’, a film about a female competitor who goes through the test of endurance of companion envy, institutional male-centric society, and a bygone sexual orientation test as she continued looking for the top

Tapsee Pannu and Supriya Phatak
Taapsee Pannu and Supriya Phatak

The film takes its significant plot point from the true story of Dutee Chand, who was precluded after she was found to have unreasonable testosterone (hyperandrogenism) after she dominated a race. Chand’s struggle to have her suspension removed so that she could compete again is well-documented, making it a great subject for a film, even one which has, according to the opening credits, ‘fictionalized the characters, circumstances, and situations by way of cinematic liberty.


In Akarsh Khurana’s film, Rashmi Vira (Taapsee Pannu) is displayed as an energetic spitfire directly from her lighthearted youth in Kutch, where her caring guardians (Supriya Pathak and Manoj Joshi) urge her to put her face to the breeze and run her heart out. After a couple of knocks out and about, Rashmi, ‘as quick as a rocket’, ends up preparing hard at the public level, and this time her adversaries are not simply a man-made debacle (the tremor in the Kutch locale which prompts an appalling misfortune), or the cutesy talk with her mum (Supriya Pathak), however a couple of her desirous colleagues. It is the ideal opportunity for the plot to be incubated.

taapsee-pannu_in rocket rashmi
taapsee-pannu_in rocket rashmi

The film yo-yos between keeping it genuine and keeping up with its sensational pitch. Where Pannu is reasonable cause us to accept as well. The race-track groupings in which her Rashmi looks very fit and chomping at the bit to go are capturing, yet there are different spots where Pannu allows the work to show. Priyanshu Painyuli, who plays a military man, and Rashmi’s accomplice who consistently has her covered, is rock solid. Abhishek Banerjee’s serious promoter who takes up Rashmi’s motivation, grabs our attention as well, regardless of whether his personality is made to do an intermittent senseless thing.

Rocket Rashmi Tapsee Pannu
Rocket Rashmi Tapsee Pannu

It’s great to see the criminally underused Varun Badola back on screen as a machinating Athletics Federation official, yet you wish he had been offered more to play with. Chirag Vohra, as a component of Rashmi’s more distant family, thus great in ‘‘Scam 92’, is wasted. You could put it down to the way that most Hindi movies which spin around a nominal person, make different characters exclusively to float or enhance the previous.

A scene from Rocket Rashmi
A scene from Rocket Rashmi

It’s not simply the push-and-pull of keeping it grounded while tightening the extreme emotion remainder. You likewise need to move beyond the film tossing built spanners in progress: frequently a wobbly scene or circumstance feels embedded, or an exchange underlined, and the unremitting ambient sound hushes up about calling consideration. However at that point, you return to Rashmi staying the course, for her and for different competitors who have been done against in comparative style, and you need to cheer. For continuing to wear ladies on top, and for the exceptionally noble purpose.