RGV’s ‘Corona Virus’ movie trailer is out

Tollywood director Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) has released the trailer of the movie ‘Corona Virus’, which is made by hin

RGV took to Twitter to post about the movie .. RGV wrote  “MADE a feature film called “CORONAVIRUS” it is shot entirely during LOCKDOWN Period. It will be WORLD’S FIRST FILM ON Coronavirus subject..Our actors and crew proved CREATIVITY cannot be LOCKED DOWN even in LOCKDOWN  Trailer tmrw 26th 5 PM #CORONAVIRUSFILM @shreyaset”..


While entire film industry has been responsibly waiting for the permission to shoot their films,
RGV has completed the shoot, post production and also released the trailer.

RGV Projected Corona Virus as a ghost element.
As there is no theatre element now , RGV opted to release it online, we have to see  the result.