Retired Police officer arrested for conducting daughter’s wedding!

Retired Police officer arrested for conducting daughter's wedding!
Retired Police officer arrested for conducting daughter's wedding!

Kerala went into a statewide lockdown on March 24 (Tuesday), hours before the Center pronounced across the nation shut down to contain the coronavirus spread. While Police officials in the state are persistently working over the state to keep individuals from moving out of homes superfluously, a resigned cop in Kollam was captured on Wednesday for holding his little girl’s wedding disregarding the lockdown rules.

Side view of wedding couple standing at lawn

As many as 50 people including kids attended the function despite getting a warning from the officials to limit the number of guests to not exceed 10. Though the former policeman had ensured them to abide by the regulations but violated it later. This is at a time when the state government had issued an order stating no more than five persons should assemble anywhere.

The charged was reserved under area 118 (e) (intentionally does any demonstration which makes peril open or disappointment in open wellbeing) of Kerala Police Act and segment 188 (Disobedience to arrange properly proclaimed by the local official). He was later discharged on bail. Police said they will likewise book visitors who participated in the wedding ridiculing the lockdown rules that preclude the social affair of in excess of five people.