Researchers have found a drug to combat Covid

The miracle drug against Covid was found. Detection of dexamethasone as effective against Covid. The UK has found the drug. Dexamethasone may be effective in reducing the risk of death, according to health experts. Dexamethasone may be effective in reducing the risk of death, according to health experts.

Dexamethasone is the first drug that has been proven to be a life-saving drug for patients with coronavirus. The test, released Tuesday, suggests that the drug could reduce the mortality rate of critically ill patients by a third.

There are currently 200,000 courses of medication available with the UK government. The government says it will no longer be available for patients with dexamethasone. Professor Chris Witty, chief medical officer for England, says the drug can be used to treat Kovad patients worldwide.

This is the most important trial result for COVID-19 so far. Significiant reduction in mortality in those requiring oxygen or ventilation from a widely available, safe and well known drug. Many thanks to those who took part and made it happen. It will save lives around the world.

– Professor Chris Whitty (@CMO_England)

It is a relatively inexpensive and widely available drug. The BBC reported, quoting health experts in the UK that the finding that dexamethasone can be used as a life-saving drug is critical. The experiment was conducted by Oxford University. About one-third of patients find the drug to be curative, the researchers said.

This medication reduces the risk of ventilator covid patients by one-third and reduces the risk of death of treated patients by an oxygen cylinder. The pestilence in the UK could have saved at least 5,000 lives if it had been used since its inception. Researchers have noted that the drug is very useful for economically backward countries with more Covid cases.

WATCH: Delighted to announce the first successful clinical trial for a life-saving #coronavirus treatment- reducing mortality by up to a third & further protecting our NHS

This global first exemplifies the power of science- huge thanks to the team, @oxforduni & Jonathan Van-Tam

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