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Remuneration dispute, Baiju Santhosh responds ..

Baiju about remuneration

Malayalam cinema is working hard to overcome the COVID crisis. All of the leading players had halved their pay as part of this. But the producers’ association also came out against some young actors for not reducing their salaries. With this, the producers’ association talked to the players and came to an understanding that the pay could be reduced. Apart from that, the producer of the movie Maradu 357 had come with a complaint against actor Baiju Santosh. Baiju is now announcing his reaction on the matter

Baiju Santhosh

“I told the producer of ‘Maradi’ that it would be enough to deduct Rs 5 lakh from the agreed amount as the entire film industry was in crisis due to the spread of COVID. My salary was Rs 15 lakh for the film Pattabhiraman produced by the same producer. I told him that the reward he bought two years ago was enough, but he said he would pay Rs 8 lakh and I do not know why he said he was Rs 8 lakh. I do not understand that figure, “said Baiju.

Producer filed a complaint against Baiju Santhosh

According to the producer’s complaint, he had an agreement with Baiju for Rs 8 lakh but Baiju said that his salary was Rs 20 lakh and he was not willing to reduce the amount and would not dub it without receiving the full amount. It is learned that the producer has lodged a complaint with the documents signed by Biju in an agreement of Rs 8 lakh.

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