Reliance AGM 2020: Nita Ambani’s big announcement on corona vaccine; Speech for the first time in history

Reliance AGM 2020
Reliance AGM 2020

Nita Ambani speech Reliance AGM 2020: Reliance India today announced the launch of 5G technology and will work with Google to develop software to use the technology. Because of this Reliance, Jio is expected to launch an affordable 5G smartphone for the general public. AlsoNita Ambani Has made a big announcement about the corona vaccine.

For the first time in the history of Reliance, Nita Ambani. She addressed the annual general meeting of Reliance. This time, he said, the battle with the Corona epidemic is still to come. The Reliance Foundation is working with the government and local municipalities in this fight. The Reliance Foundation is working closely with the local administration to conduct corona tests. This work has been greatly assisted by Reliance Jio’s digital infrastructure. Nita Ambani is the President of the Reliance Foundation. (Reliance Jio)

Speaking on the Corona Vaccine, she said, “We want to reassure people that when the Corona Vaccine is developed, it will be our responsibility to deliver it to every infected person in the country.” For this, Reliance Foundation will use Jio’s digital infrastructure. The supply chain will also be strengthened to make the vaccine available to the public as soon as possible. This will save more people from this epidemic.