Registration date for CBSE 9th and 11th session 2021-22 has not been released yet, schools are misleading

Registration date for CBSE 9th and 11th session
Registration date for CBSE 9th and 11th session

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has not yet released the registration date for the class IX and XI session 2021-22. But many schools are misleading the parents by issuing the date of filing the registration form. Parents are confused that how the registration is being done when the board has not released the date. 

It is to be known that the preparation for the new session is done by CBSE every year after August. In August or September, the first 9th and 11th registration are done by the board. After this, the LOC of the 10th and 12th board is filled. Registration and LoC are filled from September to October. This whole process takes time till November.  

There will be a delay in registration and filling of LOC,  
this time the result of class 10th and 12th board will be out late. Where the 10th result will be declared in July and the 12th in August or September. In such a situation, it will have an effect on the ninth and 11th for the new session. This time registration may be delayed. 

In the preparation of the board 10th and 12th examination,
it should be known that the preparation of the 10th and 12th board results is going on by CBSE right now. This time the board exam was not held due to a corona infection. Now the result will be released by August-September. Only then will the next session be prepared. Sanyam Bhardwaj (Controller of Examinations, CBSE) said, the date of registration is not yet released. In such a situation, if any school is still misleading the students in the name of registration, then action will be taken against the school. Schools will be informed after the date of registration is released.

– After August, the registration of ninth and 11th will be done
– registration and LOC is filled from September to October