Rebelstar Prabhas starrer Radhe Shyam Review and Rating


Prabhas is trying his karma after three years with Radhe Shyam. Made on a big budget plan, a romantic movie is directed by Radha Krishna Kumar. Prabhas and Pooja Hegde looked pretty on screen. The movie is produced by UV Creations, T Series, and Gopikrishna Movies. The trailer and the songs of the film have made buzz amongst the crowd.

Radhe Shyam Story

Set in 1976, Vikram Aditya is a famous palmist – visited by rich people including the Indian Prime Minister to check what lies in their future. Later he leaves India and is seen making every second count in Italy. He meets Dr. Prerana (Pooja Hedge) and loves blooms between them. Despite a fearful prognosis from multiple doctors on her illness, Aditya assures Prerna that she will have a long full life. They say that the stars direct our lives, would we be able to truly travel a non-destined way? The rest is the film.

Radhe Shyam Analysis

Radhe Shyam has a fascinating story and huge material to compose it on. The Director Radha Krishna Kumar takes on a journey to his imaginative world of Vikram Aditya and Prerana – two star-crossed lovers. The initial sets are intended to catch the attention of watchers with fantasy-like visuals and relieving music. Prabhas’ performance in ‘Chalo Sanchari’ visuals is super glory and Dr. Prerana’s performance will also win your hearts. A couple of episodes later, we see the song ‘Evaro nivvevaro’ – another song. The romantic tale takes a turn with the endeavored satire in the hospital scene. Prabhas’ mom’s job is silly and you have can’t help thinking about why even play that part and waste somebody as gifted as famous entertainer Bhagyashri in that job. Kunal Roy Kapur as Aditya’s friend in Italy is miscast and irritating. At last, we come to the ‘Nagumomu Tarale’ melody – another imaginative number. Pre-span episodes are great in exhibiting Vikram Aditya’s ability in palmistry. Overall, the first half is engaging enough with few complaints. Jagapathi Babu remains neglected. The film is set against the background of palmistry being better than science, that even human contemplations are foreordained. With Aditya anticipating that Prerana will carry on with a full life and him never being off-base in his forecasts the film leads into a fascinating problem – his adoration for her to live lengthy and the turns in his own life. The much-discussed torrent episode is shot with tremendous exertion however doesn’t have a lot of effect due to the complicated plot development. The spirit of the film is absent in the final part which makes this event creation a dull watch when we get to the peak. This film might have been a little better.

Radhe Shyam Trailer

Radhe Shyam Technical Team

The team has conveyed a remarkable result however there isn’t a string to integrate them. The artwork, set designs, locations, production, and music are all good individually but the slow-paced, soul-lacking plot fails to appeal to the audience. Production house UV Creations and Gopikrishna films mounted this film at Hollywood standards at times. The narration of the film is poor. Background score by S. Thaman is top class, alleviating music by Justin Prabhakaran is great too.

Radhe Shyam Songs


Radhe Shyam Performances

Prabhas role as Vikram Aditya is ok, however, the portrayal doesn’t coordinate his macho star picture – with the film being an endlessly out romantic tale. On occasion, he seems awkward as Vikram Aditya. Pooja Hegde is seen at her best as Dr.Prerana and acted well. Satyaraj plays Aditya’s master Paramahamsa. Other character artists  like Sachin Khederkar, Murali Sharma, Jayaram, and comedian Priyadarshini have very limited screen time

In any case, the shallow last part is slow-paced and tangled. This film’s fascinating reason, profound music, and party creation can carry the class crowd to check this film out. Generally speaking, Radhe Shyam is a tolerable film just for a subset of the crowd.

Radhe Shyam Rating