Rashmika Mandanna to team up with Vijay Deverakonda once again


With his highly anticipated Liger underperforming at the box office and failing to excite the public, Vijay Deverakonda’s year got off to a lackluster start. Putting these failures aside, he has partnered with director Parasuram, who delivered him his career’s biggest hit, Geetha Govindam. According to rumors, Parasuram has partnered with a well-known production company to create this movie. The news of this excited Vijay’s followers greatly, and their joy increased after learning more about the movie’s heroine.

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Rashmika Mandanna is the diva who will star alongside Vijay in the major role. Frequently, rumors about the couple dating make the rounds around Hollywood. Fans of both stars are certain to be waiting for this untitled film. The public adored the on-screen chemistry between Vijay and Rashmika in the movies Geetha Govindam and Dear Comrade. Their enchanting on-screen relationship was a standout in both of these popular films. The narrative of Vijay Govind, a young lecturer who falls in love with Geetha, centers on Geetha Govindam.

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Geetha, on the other hand, rejects his feelings and believes him to be a pervert. In an intriguing turn of events, Govind learns that Geetha is his relative. The differences between them gradually disappear, and they start to fall in love. The crowd was quickly won over by Vijay and Rashmika’s endearing personalities and lovely chemistry.

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Dear Comrade, according to critics, had some issues, such as Bobby’s character, who demanded that Lilly give up her love of cricket in order to date him. However, despite these shortcomings, Dear Comrade won praise from both the crowd and the critics. Bharat Kamma directed the movie, Dear Comrade.