‘Ramji Rao Speaking’ an old movie will make you relax this pandemic-go watch it now


Nothing can be more unwinding than watching a parody film on a Friday night with your loved ones. The week has at long last concluded and it’s an ideal opportunity to have some time off from a futile daily existence. As theaters in Kerala are yet to open, watching films on large screens isn’t an alternative now, notwithstanding, we have novel means for it, correct? All things considered, following a tiring week, getting a film in the solace of your home appears to be more advantageous than rushing to the theaters.

All things considered, we realize that in an expanse of films on real-time features, choosing one to watch is no cakewalk, so we have chosen ‘Ramji Rao Speaking’ for you

  • Director: Siddique-Lal
  • Cast: Sai Kumar, Mukesh, Innocent, Rekha, Vijayaraghavan, Devan, Sukumari, Sankaradi, Mamukkoya.
  • Release date: 1989Ramji Rao Speaking

‘Ramji Rao Speaking’ manages a widespread theme – joblessness. Three single man men – Balakrishnan (Sai Kumar), Gopalakrishnan (Mukesh), and Mannar Mathai (Innocent), from various backgrounds, managing a similar issue – joblessness, coincidently wind up having a similar rooftop.

The film opens with Balakrishnan showing up at Hindustan Chemicals for a task. In the absolute first scene, the producers accentuate that Balakrishnan isn’t new to work hunting. He is here at Hindustan Chemicals for a task he should get as his father was killed in a mishap inside the plant, nonetheless, the recruiting supervisor requests that he carry a few different reports to back his case. Disillusioned Balakrishnan goes for a walk through the city and coincidentally meets Gopalakrishnan, whom he botches with a pickpocket. The notorious melody ‘Avanavan kurukkunna kurukkazhichedukkumbol gulumal’ begins playing, showing a brief look at the fretful city, and soon as the title cards end, the crowd is acquainted with Mannar Mathai, the proprietor, and owner of Urvashi Theaters. He also is battling to earn a living wage.

Ramji Rao Speaking
Ramji Rao Speaking

The director pair digs further into the existences of three lone rangers, who were at first outsiders, yet presently end up under a similar rooftop. Furthermore, presently Rani (Rekha) is brought into the scene. Rani and Balakrishnan are seeking a similar occupation position at Hindustan Chemicals. From Gopalakrishnan fooling Balakrishnan into marking a NOC letter to Rani tying down the work to Balakrishnan taking care of it to Gopalakrishnan, to them at long last understanding that the two of them are in similar conditions, the main portion of the film is loaded up with plenty of feelings. Their standard exhausting lives take a surprising turn when they get a call from Ramji Rao (Vijayaraghavan), who has confused them with Urumees Thampan (Devan), a tycoon. Ramji Rao has hijacked Urumees Thampan’s little girl and albeit the threesome at first attempts to convey the message to the finance manager, they later wind up choosing to remain as a middle person between the two and take a little percent of the payment Urumees has offered Ramji Rao. All things considered, what might occur if three jobless men, choose to go about as expert criminals before the actual experts!

Chief pair Siddique-Lal has picked satire as the instrument to convey the battles of the jobless youth and they accomplished the ideal outcomes as well as came out without a hitch. The nearly low-financial plan film, helmed by debutants Siddique-Lal, including not bankable entertainers, and several novices, ended up being one of the most amazing parody motion pictures at any point made throughout the entire existence of Malayalam film. The film is loaded up with funny minutes, important jokes, expressions, and some strong exhibitions.