Ram Pothineni starrer “The Warriorr ” Review and Ratings


Sathya is a doctor who became a police officer in “The Warriorr.” And after seeing the film, one critic began to ask if doctors who write prescriptions for painkillers are more important than police officers. One thing is for sure: a migraine can be brought on by the sound and fury coursing through the body and spirit of this antiquated movie.

Ram Pothineni’s Dr. Satya and his mother, Nadhiya, relocate to Kurnool, where the former works as a junior doctor in a hospital. A young man gets assaulted on the street by the goons working for the vicious goonda Guru (Aadhi Pinisetty). Like a truly obedient physician, Dr. Satya takes the victim to the hospital and saves his life. This enrages Guru’s gang, and some of its vicious members finish the job by killing the victim in the hospital. Satya comes to the conclusion that the only way to save lives in the town is for him to join the police force after a few tectonic events.

The action takes place in Kurnool, a well-known Andhra Pradesh town. The Konda Reddy Buruju, made well-known by Mahesh Babu’s 2003 film “Okkadu,” turns into a landmark where nearly all important moments in the movie take place. Look at how realistic it is. At this landmark, Kurnool locals gather to conduct all of their daily essential duties. Goondas maim and kill invariably at the Buruju. Girlfriends meet their boyfriends at the Buruju and the Buruju alone. Kurnool residents rush to the Buruju to express their shock, sympathy, or admiration for a brave police officer. After residing among Kurnool’s population as a sociologist, director N Lingusamy learned about it.

This is an action-packed potboiler with an omnipotent cop as the hero and a rowdy-turned-rowdy politician as the antagonist. Decade after decade, one failure after another has taken advantage of this template. However, “The Warriorr” makes no effort to raise the stakes. The plots are too predictable, the heroic actions are too ordinary, and the ending is heartbreakingly predictable.

The idea behind the movie’s cop versus rowdy narrative is as follows: Show the adversary as plainly overconfident by having him say, “I am invincible,” every half an hour, and kill a few kids to make the bad guy appear even crueler, and so on. Aadhi Pinisetty, much as he is good at acting, is seen conveying his state of mind to his henchmen in multiple scenes.

Popular RJ Mahalakshmi is the creation of Krithi Shetty. There is nothing else you need to know about her or her character if you have already seen the trailer and the lyric videos for “Bullet Song” and “Whistle Song” (by the way, Devi Sri Prasad leaves a mark with these songs).

Devaraj played by Brahmaji is a clich√©, and Ajay ends up being unimportant. Jayaprakash’s dean character is constantly worried and caringly advises the hero not to provoke the brutal villain.

Cast: Ram Pothineni, Krithi Shetty, and others

Director: N Lingusamy

Rating: 2/5