Ram Gopal Varma’s another movie Powerstar trailer released


Though filming is in crisis due to lockdown, Ram Gopal Varma is busy. The actor is coming out with his third film in these two months. The trailer for the movie called Powerstar has arrived. The theme of the movie is related to the life of superstar Pawan Kalyan.

From the first look, it caused a lot of discussion and controversy among the audience. Ramu’s fans believe that Ramu is trying to make fun of actor and political leader Pawan Kalyan in the new movie. Even when Ram Gopal Varma denies the allegation, Pawan Kalyan fans think so. They also see the poor performance of the hero who looks like Pawan Kalyan as a reason for this. The trailer of the movie was first announced in a paid way.

The audience pays Rs 25 per view of the video. But he abandoned the project after the trailer was leaked on social media. The ticket price for the movie, which will be released online, is Rs 250. 150 if booked in advance. Ram Gopal Varma is currently showing his films through his own app called RGV World Theater.

Adult movie star Mia Malkova’s climax was charged Rs 100, followed by ‘Naked’ Rs 200. During the lockdown, most of the filmmakers are insecure and he is making movies and releasing them on his OT platform. But there is also criticism that he is releasing only fourth-rate films. He announced eight films in a month. Two of them made it to the show. .

source :  RGV