Rakshit Shetty’s 777 Charlie released on OTT only in Kannada


There is no disputing that 777 Charlie, Rakshit Shetty’s most recent film, appealed to almost everyone who saw it. While some people adored the adorable dog portraying Charlie, others were moved by the emotional trip shared by both Charlie and Dharma, who found camaraderie in one another. For a third of the audience, the emotional journey of both Charlie and Dharma warmed their hearts. Even the toughest critic had positive things to say about the movie.

Therefore, it is understandable why the Kiranraj K-directed movie has maintained its position as one of the highest-rated movies on review websites like IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, etc. for 50 days after its theatrical debut. Now, audiences are raving about the Kannada-only, English-subtitled release of the movie on Voot Select. However, audiences in other regions of the country are a little let down because Amazon Prime Video, which has acquired the digital rights to the movie in the other languages, has not provided any information regarding when it would make the movie streamable. Although it hasn’t been officially announced, there is a rumor that the streamer will launch 777 Charlie by the first week of August at the latest.

Even though his movie was distributed in five different languages, Rakshit claimed that he had received bids for remakes, albeit he wasn’t fully sure about this. The actor-turned-director claimed that only Kiranraj was capable of producing a movie with the same level of commitment and emotion as 777 Charlie. This year, on June 10, the movie 777 Charlie was released in theatres. Originally scheduled for a year-end 2021 release, it was moved up due to concerns about a third pandemic wave, and potential theatre occupancy limits.