Rakshit Shetty to put on weight for Saptha Saagaradaache Yello


Subsequent to brandishing a lean look like a sporty young person for the first half of his segments in Saptha Saagaradaache Yello, Rakshit Shetty has now begun preparations for the second half of the film.
The entertainer should gain weight for the second half of the film and has effectively set out on the test of a total look change. “Rakshit, who plays Manu in the flick, undergoes a major transformation in this segment; there’s a decade’s gap between what he plays earlier to the phase that he will be seen in the second half. Putting on weight and a look change is intrinsic to this bit. So, Rakshit, who was sporting a rather lean look with a strict diet for the first half, has already put on 6-8 kgs for the next phase,” shares director Hemanth Rao.

Hemanth adds that they’ve enrolled an expert who has dealt with Rakshit’s look according to what’s been intended for the role. “Rakshit has to beef up for this look, but not in a way that makes him look fat. And once he puts on the necessary weight, he will be working out to arrive at a more mature-looking body that also justifies the time frame that will be showcased in the second half. Also, there’s a darker theme to Rakshit’s character, which will be an interesting element,” states Hemanth, kidding that Rakshit is currently allowed to eat as much unhealthy food as he needs.
On the search for one more driving woman, There’s one more feature in the film. The team is looking for a second heroine and her character also has a dark shade to it. “She essays another aspect to Manu’s love life. So, things only get more interesting from there,” sums up Hemanth. The shoot will resume in April.