Home Film News Rajinikanth’s viral post in Tamil Nadu BJP!

Rajinikanth’s viral post in Tamil Nadu BJP!

Rajinikanth's viral post in Tamil Nadu BJP!

Various attempts were made to lure Rajinikanth to the BJP. Many leaders of the party openly called. Although Rajinikanth did not make such a decision, there are criticisms that he is in pro- BJP mood. In this situation, Rajinikanth has been given the post of BJP executive committee member. Last March, the BJP appointed L. Murugan, the party’s national SC, ST, vice-chairman, as the party’s Tamil Nadu BJP leader, who had not been appointed for a long time. Following this, the Tamil Nadu BJP recently appointed new state executives, team, divisional executives, and state executive committee members.


A total of 10 people, including VP Thuraisamy, Vanathi Srinivasan, and Nainar Nagendran, who left the DMK, have been appointed as Tamil Nadu BJP vice-presidents. Also, Tamil cinema celebrities Gauthami, Namitha, Madhuvanthi, daughter of YG Mahendran, and iconic celebrity Kutty Padmini were appointed as members of the state executive committee.


Criticism against the controversial actress LAUNCHES SURVEY removed from the front because the actor Radharavi, Actress Namitha joined while joining BJP. But Namitha was given the post and Radhakrishnan was not given the post which caused a stir. “You don’t deserve to celebrate Kamaraj” In this situation, actor Radhakrishnan has been given the responsibility in the Tamil Nadu BJP. Accordingly, he has been appointed as a member of the State Executive Committee. Also, composer Gangai Amaran and actor Dhanush’s father and Rajinikanth’s cousin Kasturi Raja have been appointed as Tamil Nadu BJP state executive

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