Rajamouli 10 Episode Dream Movie Director With An Open Mind

Director SS Rajamouli revealed his dream movie. The director says that he is interested in filming the Indian epic Mahabharata. Rajamouli also stated that he wants to film the Mahabharata in 10 parts. If I ever feel that I want to film Mahabharata, I will read all the versions of Mahabharata available in the country for about a year. I can only say now that it will be a 10-part film,’ said Rajamouli. Whenever I do a film, I see it as a preparation for directing Mahabharata. That is my dream and every step I take is towards that dream,’ added Rajamouli.

Rajamouli says that his film will be very different from the Mahabharata you have heard and known so far. ‘The characters I am writing for Mahabharata will be very different from what you have known so far. I will tell the story in my own way. Mahabharata will not be different, but there will be changes in terms of characters, some more things will be added in the relationships between the characters. RRR is the last film released under the direction of Rajamouli.