Rahul Ravindran sent a special gift to actress Samantha


Samantha is a well-known actress in Indian cinema, having appeared in a number of films in Tamil and Telugu. In Tamil, one such film is ‘Moscowin Kaveri,’ and the actress was cast in it at the start of her acting career before she became famous. The film was directed by actor Rahul Ravindran, who is also the husband of singer Chinmayi Sripaada.

Rahul Ravindran sent a valuable gift to actress Samantha and called her the ‘woman of steel’. The director, in a personalized gift, framed the lines, “Sammy… Woman of Steel… The tunnel is dark and there’s no end in sight. It was promised, but there’s no sign of the light. Your feet are heavy, but you drag them with all your might. You soldier on while dousing your doubts and fright. You’re made of steel and this conquest is your birthright. You keep walking and soon the sun will shine bright. You will not be denied and these delays are alright because quitters don’t, only fighters like you win the fight. Because what doesn’t defeat you, makes you stronger than ever. And stronger forever…”


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Samantha shared the frame on Instagram and tagged actor and director Rahul Ravindran. She replied saying, “Thank you. To those of you fighting hard battles, this one’s for you as well. Keep fighting… We’ll be stronger than ever… and stronger forever soon.”

Samantha officially announced a few weeks ago that she is undergoing treatment for the hereditary condition Myositis and shared her feelings with everyone. Myositis is a rare immune condition in which the immune system starts attacking healthy tissue.


On the work front, Samantha was last seen in the movie ‘Yashoda’ and she is now awaiting the release of her film ‘Kushi‘ and ‘Shakuntalam’.