Rahul Gandhi invited a student in the audience to translate the speech, Plus one student Safa translates Rahul’s speech beautifully without hesitation, Safa is a celebrity in cyber world too

Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi arrived in the constituency last night for a three-day tour. The first event was the inauguration of the Science Lab at GHS this morning. Plus One student Safa was the star of the event attended by Rahul Gandhi. When Rahul came to speak, Safa, who was sitting in the audience, was invited to translate the speech.

Rahul Gandhi accepted the invitation and came to the Safa venue and translated the speech without hesitation. Safa translated Rahul’s words as best they could. This was well received by the audience. Safa has recently become a celebrity in the cyber world as her speech has gone live on social media and channels.

Rahul Gandhi’s speech made clear the importance of science. Rahul pointed out that although Kerala is one of the best schools in education, there are some drawbacks. Rahul pointed out that a student of a


public school was killed by a snake. “We will raise the issue in Parliament and fund it,” Rahul said. Safa, a plus one student, translated the speech.

Rahul has inaugurated the Edakkara Panchayat Complex inaugurating the science building at Karuvarakundu School. Rahul Gandhi to visit Shehla Sher’s residence in Wayanad Rahul is also visiting


every public school in Bathery. They will travel to Thiruvambady today afternoon to participate in a leadership meeting in Nilambur. From there, Rahul will reach Kalpetta and attend various events in Wayanad on the 6th and 7th. He will return to Delhi from Kannur airport at 7 pm

Rahul Gandhi had earlier said that Congress would oppose the Center’s citizenship amendment bill. Rahul said the people were worried about Modi’s administration. India is for all sects, all cultures and all religions. Modi and Amit Shah live in a world where people are out of touch. That is the reason for the crisis in the country. “If I listened to people, there would have been no problems,” he said.

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