Rafale’s first batch reached India, Digvijay Singh tweeted!

As the first consignment of five Rafale planes from France arrived in the country, Congress has once again sought to make its price public.  Congress General Secretary and former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Digvijay Singh tweeted on Wednesday, saying, ‘The price of one Rafale was fixed by the Congress government at Rs 746 crores but despite the demands of “Chowkidar” in Parliament and outside Parliament several times till date. Avoiding telling how much a Rafale has bought. Why? Because the theft of the watchman will be revealed !! “Watchman”, please tell his price now. ”

Rafale’s first batch

In the 2019 general election, the issue of Rafale’s price was raised vigorously by the Congress. Even this case reached the Supreme Court. The Congress MP said, ‘Rafael fighter plane has finally arrived. The Congress-led UPA decided in 2012 to buy 126 Rafale, and except 18 Rafale, there was a provision for construction in the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited of the Government of India. This was a proof of India’s self-reliance. The price of one Rafale was fixed at 746 crores. ‘


Singh further wrote, ‘After coming to the Modi government, Modi entered into a new agreement with France without the approval of the Ministry of Defense and Finance and the Cabinet Committee and signed an agreement to hand over the rights of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited to the private company. Ignoring national security, instead of buying 126 Rafale, decided to buy only 36. ‘

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