Racism is not only football; Also in the cricket world: Chris Gayle

West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle has expressed concern over racism in all walks of life. The Gayle Cricket World has opened up about racism in the US as protests continue in the murder of George Floyd in the US.

In a post shared on Instagram, Gail said of racism. Gail says she has traveled all over the world and has been abused for being a black person in many places.

Racism is not only football,Also in the cricket world
Not just in football, but in racism. The same is true of the cricket world. He has had to deal with it even from teams. We are strong too. Are proud. Not fools. Gail said in the note.

Following the assassination of George Floyd, several prominent figures have come out against racism. Tennis star Serena Williams and others have joined forces to protest Floyd’s murder.

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