‘Pushpa-The Rise’ music album gets five billion views


As soon as a movie’s poster, the opening song, or trailer are out, we can tell if it will succeed or fail. The second Allu Arjun’s “Pushpa” was released, it was impossible to halt it. Pushpa’s rise in the audience’s hearts appeared to be unstoppable. Pushpa gained more popularity than ever after the debut of everything new, including the songs, the teaser, and finally the film. It was and still is the topic of greatest interest in the nation. The biggest party anthem of the year is still “Oo Antava Ooo Antava,” and Gen Z still moves to “Srivalli.”

When a movie is released in theatres, certain songs become well-known while others fade into obscurity. But in Allu Arjun’s “Pushpa,” each and every scene was adored, praised, and relished. India treated the release of “Pushpa” like a festival from the moment the first movie poster appeared until the end of its run in theatres. There was dancing to every song. The lyrics to every song, from “Sammi Sammi” through “Eyy Bidda Idhi Naa Adda,” were mesmorised by Indians.

Pushpa sets a new milestone by becoming the first Indian album to reach 5 billion views. This is another well-deserved award for the “

” film starring Allu Arjun, which has already provided audiences with rich substance and amazing song numbers. The movie’s creators posted the poster to social media along with the caption, ”The Biggest Ever Feat In Indian Cinema Icon Star @alluarjunonline ‘s #PushpaTheRise is the First Album to hit 5 BILLION VIEWS.”

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The Sukumar-directed film “Pushpa: The Rise,” starring Allu Arjun, did well at the box office, shattering a number of milestones. It even crossed the Rs. 100 crore mark in India before grossing $300 million globally.