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Producer files complaint against actor Baiju Santosh

Producer filed a complaint against Baiju Santhosh

Many of those who depend on cinema for their livelihood have lost their jobs. Theaters were closed and filming halted during the first phase of the coronavirus outbreak. Now the filming is being repeated again. The government has also directed the opening of cinema theaters. In the wake of the financial crisis in the film industry, the producers’ union had demanded that the actors and technicians halve the remuneration for the remaining films, but some actors were unwilling to compromise on the issue. The producers’ association had come out against them.

Baiju Santhosh

The producer of the movie Maradu 357 has come forward with a complaint against the current actor Baiju Santosh. The producer has approached the organization with a complaint that the actor is not ready to reduce the remuneration. According to the producer, Baiju said that his salary was Rs 20 lakh and he was not ready to reduce the amount. However, the producer says that he has an agreement with Baiju for Rs 8 lakh. Baiju says that he will not dub the film without getting the full amount. It is alleged that the manufacturer had provided a copy of the contract to the organization.

Baiju Santhosh

A similar complaint was raised against actors Tovino Thomas and JoJo. Tovino asked for Rs 25 lakh more than the last film and Jojo asked Rs 5 lakh more. The Producers’ Association has stated that this is not acceptable and that the decision will be announced after consultation with the film’s directors and producers. But in the ensuing discussion, the players reduced their remuneration. Jojo increased his salary from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 30 lakh. The actor’s current position is that Tovino has reduced his remuneration and that there should be no remuneration for the new film and that the remuneration should be paid only if the producer is successful and the film is profitable.

Senior players, including Mohanlal, had slashed their salaries following the Kovid crisis. Mohanlal paid only half of what he bought in the last film for the second part of the scene. The association claims that when someone like Mohanlal cooperates in this way, others should also cooperate with them.

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